Bucks County Drug Crimes Lawyer 

Being accused of, or charged with any type of drug crime in Pennsylvania is very serious. One of the more common types of drug crimes committed in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area is drug possession. This means that at the time of the arrest you were caught with drugs or drug paraphernalia on you. Often times a drug possession charge is part of multiple charges that led to the drugs being found on you. An example would be perhaps if you were pulled over for DUI and the police found drugs in your vehicle.

Pennsylvania Drug Possession Laws 

A drug possession charge can be a misdemeanor or a felony in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The type of drug found in your possession as well as the amount of drugs or narcotics with which you are found will determine if you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges. Also, what the police suspect you are going to do with the drugs is a factor.  A skilled Doylestown drug possession lawyer can help protect your rights regardless of whether or not your case is considered a felony or a misdemeanor.

Common Narcotics Involved In Drug Possession Cases




Crystal Meth


Cocaine/Crack Cocaine

Prescription Drugs

Anabolic Steroids/Performance Enhancing Drugs

Consequences Of A Drug Possession Conviction 

If you are convicted of being in possession of even a small amount of illegal drugs you will be facing severe and immediate legal, administrative and financial penalties. You will have attorney’s fees, court costs, fines, fees and possibly a jail sentence. Also, you will lose your driving privileges, perhaps your job. You may even find your ability to rent an apartment or house may be impacted with a drug possession conviction. In some cases, such as a drugged driving charge with your child in the car, you may also lose custody of your children.

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With many years experience handling drug defense cases in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania I have the experience to better serve you. Contact me, Doylestown Drug Crime Defense Attorney Martin King for a free consultation to discuss your rights and how to protect them if you have been arrested for drug possession in the Bucks County, Lehigh County and Northampton County areas.